Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A special touch

You touched me
Like no one else has touched before
You reached every corner of my soul
With your kindness
You touched me with your words..

You made me feel alive again
With that pure face of yours
Which lit up at the mere sight of me
Adorned with the world's most beautiful smile..

I look forward to the next day
Just for your sake
Just to feel your words
Just to see that happy curve
Just to love you again ❤️

Sunday, July 23, 2017


The name is beauty in itself
Beauty that lies in the heart of the admirer
Beauty that is ageless, flawless ..endless
Beauty that beautifies the world
You , me and others around .

The name is eternal energy
Energy that leaves one full and content 
Energy that is pure bliss
Energy that is calm and serene 
Energy that enlightens the earth 
Here , there and everywhere...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Wasted Dreams

They get wasted
Every single day..
Another one is shattered
When I wake up to a new morning

I muster up courage
To sleep another night
In hope of
Waking to a fresh dawn
To keep my dream alive..

Dreams are dreams
For a reason..
Seldom they come true
No matter how strong they are
Tomorrow their death is due..

Still I foster a new one
Every single day..
Waiting for them to bear wings
And to see them fly high !

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lost soul

He was a loser
The big one I would say
He lost me , the most precious one
Who was in his life to stay.

Never once he tried
Even if I cried
The soul in me had died
Right there it lied
Still never once he tried

It hurt to see him smile
As The smile was not for me
It hurt to see him happy
Neither a part was I

Love they say is weird
To be happy for the other
To sacrifice like a mother
I love but I am selfish
As I love like no other.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Untamed emotions

When you come down the stairs
Wearing my favorite shirt
Yes, the blue one
It doesn't matter if you don't know
It doesn't matter if you are oblivious
To my glance..

You come nearer
And my heart starts to pound
Fast and then really fast
I wondered
What would you say
If I take your name and call you near?!

Dry were my lips, blank went the mind
Standing like a statue ,I look at your eyes
I blurted out your name and stopped midway
To secure the feelings in the vault
I have kept in for long..

You opened your lips, sensuous and wet
All I could do is to watch
Without hearing a single word
Watching you speak is a pleasure
And doesn't come too often

You talk with your head tilted
and oh! that expression of 'just about to smile'
You sweep me off my feet
and I wish the moment would freeze!

The moment didn't pay any heed
To my urge and pleading
It just passed and you walked away
Leaving me alone
With the memories
That bewildered me a moment ago..

Let's together say NO!

Yes, we are stay at home moms
Our day passes, sometimes..
Staring at the blank white wall
And the rotating ceiling fan

In our ever complex brain
Tangles of thoughts dance around
As If they have promised
Never to keep us bored

At the end of the day
We hear a question as usual
What have you done during the whole time?!
Our mouths freeze
Tongues come to a halt
Not able to utter a single word
We stare blank at our hubbys' faces

Yes, We are stay at home moms
We cook, we feed, we teach our kids
We clean , we watch TV and sometimes moan alone ;)
We read, we sew, and that coffee we brew
Yet, we have nothing to say
and they have nothing to hear

At the end of the day, all think
We don't do anything at all !
is it fair you say?
The garden says - No! Our pet says - No!
The crafts say - No ! and we together say - NO!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the pursuit of happiness

I searched to and fro
For a bright glowing smile :)
Lo and behold ! The search was so long :'(
and lost my smile somewhere in the way..

If you ever see a curve
Bent upwards and lying on the road
Make sure to return it to me
and copy it if you can..:)

Doesn't cost a penny make others smile
And you know what ?!
When that smile smiles back at you
you get the infection and
It ends up with you !!

I thought of that curve
As I saw some worried faces :(
So busy and worried they were
As they lost their smiles on the way. :(

We all have one of these curves
But seldom bend it upwards
and choose to keep them straight :-|
Or even rugged and downwards.. :-< 

When I am writing all these lines
A smile came up and said Hi !
and I know I am sounding stupid
But I know it made you smile :)

- Nitijita