Friday, May 26, 2017

Wasted Dreams

They get wasted
Every single day..
Another one is shattered
When I wake up to a new morning

I muster up courage
To sleep another night
In hope of
Waking to a fresh dawn
To keep my dream alive..

Dreams are dreams
For a reason..
Seldom they come true
No matter how strong they are
Tomorrow their death is due..

Still I foster a new one
Every single day..
Waiting for them to bear wings
And to see them fly high !

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lost soul

He was a loser
The big one I would say
He lost me , the most precious one
Who was in his life to stay.

Never once he tried
Even if I cried
The soul in me had died
Right there it lied
Still never once he tried

It hurt to see him smile
As The smile was not for me
It hurt to see him happy
Neither a part was I

Love they say is weird
To be happy for the other
To sacrifice like a mother
I love but I am selfish
As I love like no other.