Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the pursuit of happiness

I searched to and fro
For a bright glowing smile :)
Lo and behold ! The search was so long :'(
and lost my smile somewhere in the way..

If you ever see a curve
Bent upwards and lying on the road
Make sure to return it to me
and copy it if you can..:)

Doesn't cost a penny make others smile
And you know what ?!
When that smile smiles back at you
you get the infection and
It ends up with you !!

I thought of that curve
As I saw some worried faces :(
So busy and worried they were
As they lost their smiles on the way. :(

We all have one of these curves
But seldom bend it upwards
and choose to keep them straight :-|
Or even rugged and downwards.. :-< 

When I am writing all these lines
A smile came up and said Hi !
and I know I am sounding stupid
But I know it made you smile :)

- Nitijita