Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Untamed Emotions..

He was coming down the stairs wearing that maroon shirt, yes my favorite one. Well, he is oblivious to that. He came nearer and my heart was pounding fast and I was wondering whether to call him or not. Then my mouth hypnotically called out his name, ...and he stopped and turned to me. My heart was beating so fast and loud, I was afraid everyone near would hear that. My mouth went dry and for a moment I was blank and stood like a living statue. I blurted out mechanically the whole thing that I had memorised to tell, because I needed to keep talking without going blank midway.Afterall, the feelings I have hid so securely must remain in the vault. Then he started replying and you know what I was not listening to a single word.
Watching him speak was a pleasure . With his head tilted a little and wearing his usual 'just about to smile' expression, he kept on talking looking at me and I was wishing that moment would freeze right there . But that moment didn't pay any heed to my pleading, it passed and he walked away leaving me alone to rewind the memories which bewildered me a moment ago.