Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Rain..

Rain is pouring outside.
 I can see through the glass walls 
 I wish he could see this way 
 The tears pouring from my eyes
 Through his heart..

I know the thunders closely
As they are the cries of my agony..
sometimes they only roar
sometimes they fall down with the rain..

Rain comes n stops
Drops are soaked in no time
But there is no soil beneath me
That will hold my tears in it
until summer comes to take them away..
I wish ,I could be a tree,
I would have made all turn dry..
will  soak all your tear into me ,
I'll  make oceans disappear but you must not cry..

Because each drop  of yours that falls 
Are pearls ,mean a lot to me in every way..
I want them all into my body,
Can't let summer take them away.

I will call the the summer ,
He may come and return  all the tears being poured during rain ....
It'll make you feel lighter and better ,
will take away all your pain.

Then i will grow with you being inside ,leafs will go green...
My root will go deeper and  endless ..
It  will be so huge ,so big ,that never let you down or cry..
Still the pearls will fall but this time not out of pain..
They would be pure drops of rain...



myemotions said...

Beautiful thought!! Though the composition could be made a more poetic.. :) :)

Nitijita said...

ya..:)...its jst a thought which came by n I xpressed :P

Anonymous said...