Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let's together say NO!

Yes, we are stay at home moms
Our day passes, sometimes..
Staring at the blank white wall
And the rotating ceiling fan

In our ever complex brain
Tangles of thoughts dance around
As If they have promised
Never to keep us bored

At the end of the day
We hear a question as usual
What have you done during the whole time?!
Our mouths freeze
Tongues come to a halt
Not able to utter a single word
We stare blank at our hubbys' faces

Yes, We are stay at home moms
We cook, we feed, we teach our kids
We clean , we watch TV and sometimes moan alone ;)
We read, we sew, and that coffee we brew
Yet, we have nothing to say
and they have nothing to hear

At the end of the day, all think
We don't do anything at all !
is it fair you say?
The garden says - No! Our pet says - No!
The crafts say - No ! and we together say - NO!

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