Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Untamed emotions

When you come down the stairs
Wearing my favorite shirt
Yes, the blue one
It doesn't matter if you don't know
It doesn't matter if you are oblivious
To my glance..

You come nearer
And my heart starts to pound
Fast and then really fast
I wondered
What would you say
If I take your name and call you near?!

Dry were my lips, blank went the mind
Standing like a statue ,I look at your eyes
I blurted out your name and stopped midway
To secure the feelings in the vault
I have kept in for long..

You opened your lips, sensuous and wet
All I could do is to watch
Without hearing a single word
Watching you speak is a pleasure
And doesn't come too often

You talk with your head tilted
and oh! that expression of 'just about to smile'
You sweep me off my feet
and I wish the moment would freeze!

The moment didn't pay any heed
To my urge and pleading
It just passed and you walked away
Leaving me alone
With the memories
That bewildered me a moment ago..

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